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Painting your house is a great way to improve its appearance and overall value. It adds color and vibrancy to the neighborhood and also provides an extra layer of defense against dangerous elements. However, painting your house might seem like a quick and easy way to freshen up your space, but in reality, it is a very tiring task, especially when you start revamping its exteriors. 

In this blog, we’ll explore the value of exterior house painting and other painting aspects playing a crucial in improving the appeal and durability of your house.

Understanding the Importance of Exterior House Painting

Welcome to the world of transformative exterior painting, where the brushstrokes of creativity craft masterpieces beyond borders. Generally, there is a misconception that exterior design is all about how it looks on the outside. But, in reality, a good exterior design with the help of services offered by the professional exterior painters Akron can do more than just make your home look pretty.

Yes, your home’s exterior is the first impression it makes on visitors and other passersby. But, a properly done exterior not only boosts appeal but also acts as a barrier against the harsh elements, ensuring structural integrity and preventing severe damage. In short, we can say that exterior house painting is a wise investment.

When To Paint Your House

Choosing the right time to paint your house plays a very important role in a successful exterior paint job. Morning is generally the best time of day to paint. Before you begin, always make sure the dew has evaporated off the siding. Switch to another side or stop painting whenever the sunlight is directly shining on the siding. So, it is best to plan your painting session early in the morning to get the best results from your painting efforts. 

Many other factors, like UV rays, salt air, and infrequent maintenance, can shorten the lifespan of your space’s exterior paint. Regular maintenance, paint touch-ups, use of primer, and quality paint are some factors that contribute to longer-lasting exterior paint. In order to gain more knowledge about the same, call professionals now and create a place of your dreams. The quality and durability of the exterior paint job directly depend on painting the house at the right time and in the right conditions.

How To Paint The Exterior Of A House

Now that we have covered why exterior paints are important and when the best time to paint the exterior of your house is, let’s take a look at how the entire process of exterior painting works.

Basically, the painting steps vary from project to project, let’s learn the basic steps that can transform your home.

1. Preparation

 The preparation of the surface before painting services is the basic and the most important step in the decorating process. Neglecting this stage of ensuring the readiness of the surface results in many severe problems in the future. Due to the outside dirt, cracks, or peeling paint, exterior walls are never ready for direct paint. Firstly, start by removing all the dirt, cracks, or previous paint for a smooth painting process. There is no need to remove all the paint; just remove the parts that are no longer stuck to the wall. 

And yes, most importantly, to minimize the possibility of paint splashing into the floor, always place dust sheets down, cover windows and doors with window film, and use masking tape along the edges.

2. Priming

 Applying a primer before painting the house plays a very crucial role in the overall painting process. You should definitely use a primer if you are painting a bare, unpainted surface, or, we can say, painting for the first time. A primer not only helps the paint adhere to the wall but also ensures that the raw surface does not absorb your first coat of paint, which means you have to apply more coats of paint.

But if you are painting a previously painted wall, it all depends on you whether to use a primer or not. Primers also come in different types, including oil-based and water-based. While oil-based primers work well for improving adhesion on difficult surfaces and concealing stains, water-based primers are better suited for latex paints and dry more quickly. 

3. Painting

 Now comes the important part: painting! After preparing the surface and applying primer properly, the main and most important part is painting the surface. The ideal method for applying paint is to use a roller and a good brush together. While the roller can cover a larger area of the wall and guarantee that all of the cracks and crevices are painted, the brush will enable you to “cut in” the edges of the walls. 

By following these steps, you can definitely transform the exterior of your home. So, roll up your sleeves, and start giving your space a fresh coat of paint! Considering the complexities and importance of painting the space, it is advisable to seek the services of the best painters.


Always remember, painting your home exterior is not just going to happen overnight. Great things happen with time! Don’t just paint your house; upgrade it with the professionals of Rock Solid Painting, Professional Exterior Painters Akron! Investing time and effort in the painting process results in effective and quality finish that will survive the test of time and weather.

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