Why We’re The Best Painter Near Canton, Ohio

We really love being a painter near Canton, Ohio! It is far different than what my wife grew up with but this area reminds me of where I grew up. See, because I grew up on a diverse farm in Wisconsin, I naturally prefer space, solitude, a small town feel, a country setting, farms, and animals. This is what drew us to this area and will probably keep us here for a long time. We feel it is important for our kids to enjoy the space, activities, family, friends, and all the other things that living in this area provides. We are close enough to the stores and attractions(in Canton, Akron, Kent, or Alliance) we want or need to visit but are able to retreat to a place of calm. This is our space of retreat.

Paint Retailer Experience

One of the many great experiences that I have had in my working career has been to work as an inside sales associate for a national paint retailer, in and around the Akron/Canton area. This allowed me the opportunity to learn the technicals about paints and stains. Additionally, it allowed me to observe and talk with painting contractors. Talking with the many painting contractors that came in helped formulate a basis for evaluation. There are great, average, and poor painting contractors. What made a contractor exceptional was the ability to combine communication, customer service, knowledge (of product and business), and project execution. Those that learned and excelled at those four pillars were often the most successful. In the long term they were able to provide their clients with a great experience.

There were contractors that were technical wizards and would slowly feed you small tips or tricks and others that would give business insight. You just had to pay attention and build relationships with them. The key was building relationships. Those contractors that built relationships with the store associates had much better luck compared to other painters near Canton and surround areas.

Defining Quality

Defining a quality paint job. This seems to be an ongoing debate among many contractors. However, we define quality by doing our best to meet customer expectations, within the customers budget, within a given amount of time, with the appropriate materials, balancing the appropriate preparation, and without sacrificing the long term performance. Some expectations are set very high and demand the finest detail. Others are just wanting a color change in a child’s bedroom. It comes down to communication and defining expectations.

There is a standard that we are aiming for and continuously evaluate ourselves. We like to use surveys in order to get customer feedback about how we are doing and our process. The electronic surveys are compiled and are compared to peer averages. Additionally, we actively encourage clients to leave us an honest review on how we are doing.

Trustworthiness & Reliability

We think that there are a number of good painters near Canton and Akron, Ohio. However, we feel that we separate ourselves in a way unlike others. Other contractors like to take a cheaper route and hire subcontractors. Whereas, we make sure that we hire legitimate employees that pass a background check and can adhere to our expectations. We also make sure that we cover ourselves and clients by having general business liability insurance and workers compensation. The future is now and we do that by providing virtual estimates via our website. We communicate clearly with our clients and set realistic timelines for project progress and stand behind our work. At the conclusion of each project, we like to thank each and every client with a handwritten thank you note.

It is amazing how many relations we have built just by being friendly. With any profession there are those that see you as strictly as a service provider, nothing more, and therefore give very little feedback or communication. However, with others, we have built relationships and have done repeated projects for them. Treat people how you would want to be treated.

Growing As a Business

Sometimes we hate the status quo and therefore try to grow as a business. There are several things we try to do. The first, is to listen to podcasts from industry leaders across the board because good information is universal. Secondly, we belong to a FB group in which painting business owners ask business related questions and are again answered honestly by others in the group. We try to attend at least one business conference a year in order to sharpen ourselves, socialize with others in the industry, and to glean some of the best information. We also like to experiment with new products that allow trade growth and add to the arsenal of specialized services we can provide.

If you’re looking for interior painters near Canton or Akron, Ohio; give us a call at (330) 612-3584 or contact us here!