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Our Interior Painting Process

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People have asked about our different stages of interior painting and how long this process actually takes. So, we will use a 12’x12’ bedroom, with 8’ ceilings, minor wall repair, 2 standard doors, and 2 standard windows as an example: the prep phase of this project would include moving furniture, vacuuming as needed, putting down drops, removing wall plates, wiping & taping off trim, spot patching minor dings, and lightly sanding the walls. This usually takes about 60 minutes. The painting aspect of applying two coats of paint to the walls usually takes about 4 hours. The clean-up phase usually adds another 30 minutes. So, for our bedroom example, the full project should take about 5.50 hours. Now there are many factors that can
change the amount of time in prep and painting a room.

The basic preparation phase of the project is important for several reasons. First, this helps protect the property from damage by dripping paint or other things. Secondly, it helps knock down previous paint mishaps and give the paint a surface to easily adhere to. Finally, it helps give a more finished and proper look once the painting is completed and the room put
back together.

How Much Does it Cost to Paint a Bedroom?

The BIG question that everyone likes to ask is this; How much does it cost to paint a bedroom? Well based on our room example it would cost around $475. This includes 2 coats of premium wall paint and all other associated supplies. Obviously, there are ways to save money. First off, you can move or remove furniture from the room; a minimum of 24 inches of work space is needed around the perimeter of the room. Secondly, you could remove wall plates, other items from the walls, and vacuum before we enter the room. Finally, you could reduce the quality of the paint or coats of paint.

How Color Affects Interior Painting

Now, people like to know how long a paint finish will last. The easiest answer is that is this, it depends. If you cut down on coats of paint or quality of paint applied, the life of the paint finish will greatly diminish especially in a heavily used or high traffic area. But a good paint job should last many years without peeling and should hold up to washing. Wall paint does take time to cure to its proper hardness so care should be taken the first 48-72 hours after the paint is applied to avoid washing, scrubbing, or light abuse. Heavy abuse(not normal wear and tear) or previous coats of paint that are faulty will also reduce the life of the paint coating.

Some colors of paint will cost more when painting a room. This increased cost is often related to additional coats of paint or primer for proper color development. Some of the specific colors are the vibrant ones(that contain high amounts of reds or yellows) and the very dark colors like black.

If you are certain of the color you want, we can get you a more detailed estimate based on photos that can be submitted through our website. We ask that you supply between 6-8 photos of the space you want painted with notes on specific damage or problem areas that would need addressed. We try to turn these virtual estimates around fairly quickly with a supply of basic information. If you are uncertain about a color choice we can help you with that but we may need to schedule an in person or site visit. There are a variety of ways we can help make color choices easier.

What’s The Best Interior Paint?

We actually prefer quality Benjamin Moore paints for interior painting. The quality, look, feel, and durability is superior to a lot of our local paint offerings. However, we feel it is essential to support our local and independent dealers in order to support our communities. We do this by purchasing painting supplies necessary other than paint itself.

Interior painting has led to many other opportunities and services offered over the years. What typically happens is that clients ask about other things that we offer since they are happy and pleased with the work that was done. This has led to trim painting, cabinet painting, wallpaper removal, wallpaper application, drywall repair, and a few other things.

If you’re looking for interior painters near Canton or Akron, Ohio; give us a call at (330) 612-3584 or contact us here!

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