Cabinet Painting FAQ

Over the last five plus years of cabinet painting have improved and adapted our processes. But we have encountered a number of questions that have been brought up and seem to be commonly asked. We would love to take a little time to cover these questions to help people understand and to be able to start a conversation.

How Long Does Each Stage Take? Cleaning, Prep, Painting, and Total?

The average sized kitchen repaint can really be divided into 3 main categories of the painting process. The cleaning phase that includes degreasing and washing would take up to 11 hours. The preparation phase that includes all the necessary steps for final paint application would take up to 25 hours. The final painting phase would take up to 6 hours. So, a rough number for total hours would be 42. We would then need to add an additional 6 hours for disassembly and reassembly. A final project investment of around 48 man hours.

How Much Does Cabinet Painting Typically Cost?

Based on the same average kitchen refinishing project it would cost around $3180.

What Types of Photos Do People Need to Submit To Get A Cost Estimate?

This is actually a newer question since we have updated our website that allows for photo uploading. We would need several photos of your kitchen cabinets that you would want painted. What we are looking for are the overall condition of the cabinets and the number of cabinet drawers and doors.

Somebody Already Painted My Cabinets, Can You Repaint Them?

Absolutely! Our concern would be how well the previous paint was prepped and applied. We would still have to run through the gambit of preparation to make sure we get the best and longest lasting finish as possible.

Can You Get Rid of The Grain in Oak?

The quick answer is yes. There are grain fillers and ways to greatly diminish the texture of the oak grain. This will add a bit more time to the preparation aspect of the project.

What Color is Best For Cabinets?

The real answer is whatever color you choose is the best color! That being said, it depends on the style you are trying to achieve and that is strictly personal preference. However, a vast majority of the cabinets we have refinished have been an off white and some greys are starting to have a showing as well.

What Paint Do You Use and Why Do You Use That Over Other Products?

We now prefer to use more industrial/professional water-based coatings like those from Milesi or Renner. We prefer to use these coatings over some of the trim enamels from Sherwin-Williams or Benjamin Moore – which we have used with great results. The reasons for this comes down to better overall performance in chemical and scratch resistance for the customer.

What If I Don’t Want To Create A Spray Room. Are There Alternatives?

Yes, there are some alternatives to creating a spray room in your home. We can take the doors to our shop to be sprayed and we can brush and roll your cabinets to minimize disruption to your kitchen.

How Long Does The Finish Last?

The finish on a proper cabinet painting project should last a minimum of 5 years with proper care. There are also other factors that can alter that based on abuse or neglect.

What Can I Do to Protect My New Cabinets From Being Ruined?

The biggest thing that you can do to prevent your cabinets from being ruined is care. Even a moderate amount of cleaning can extend the life of the finish. Also note that severe or abnormal use and abuse can quickly diminish the overall service life of your cabinet finish.

If you need assistance with cabinet painting visit our website page to learn more. If you are curious about our process visit this blog post for more information!